2012 European IUHPE Health Promotion Conference in Tallinn, Estonia

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TitleEvaluation of Standards on Health Promotion Hospitals relationed with criteria of the accreditation system of hospitals in Catalonia
KeywordsHealth Promoting Hospital, Standars on Health Promotion
AbstractPurpose / Methods
To identify which of the standards of Health Promotion HPH are
present in the accreditation criteria used by the health department
in Catalan hospitals.
Of the total of 535 codes there are only 164 identified to
perform the comparison (30.6%), more than the half are not
identified in any group of the Standard. Different criteria:
leadership, 59.3%; policy and strategy, 55.5%; Persons
78.9%; partnerships and resources, 37.8%; process, 27%;
results (customers, people, society), 8%. From the total only
19 indicators were identified in a 47.3%.
It is not clearly defined what the mission is and what is specific
to the organization on Health Promotion. It has been approved
only if it refers to each process or plan as executive management.
We recommend that the Health Department add at least
one specific criterion in health promotion.
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2012 European IUHPE Health Promotion Conference in Tallinn, Estonia
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