2012 European IUHPE Health Promotion Conference in Tallinn, Estonia

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TitleInvolment as a determinant of equity
Keywordsinvolvement, participation, equity in health
AbstractInvolvement can be seen as a determinant of equity in health.I will present the tool package which can be used when evaluating involvement with our clients an make it visible. The tool package has three different tools: firstly, a tool for self evaluation of clients: this has four questions: 1. health literacy, 2. involvement in planning, 3. involvement in action, and 4. involvement in decision-making. Secondly, the tool package includes a self-evaluation form for project workers or leaders, and thirdly, an analyses table which raises up development ideas and actions which are needed when we want people to get more actively involved in their daily lives.
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Koskinen-Ollonqvist Pirjo Soste FI pirjo.koskinen-ollonqvist [ätt] soste.fi

2012 European IUHPE Health Promotion Conference in Tallinn, Estonia
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