2012 European IUHPE Health Promotion Conference in Tallinn, Estonia

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TitleEvaluation Of Health Professionals’ Attitudes Towards Ncd Prevention And Health Promotion In Mongolia
KeywordsNCD prevention, health promotion, attitudes, health professionals, Mongolia
AbstractObjective: The MCA-Mongolia Health Project is a nationwide implemented prevention and health promotion project aiming to reduce the morbidity related to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) and to promote healthy life-styles in Mongolia. As one component of the impact evaluation a Facility Based Impact Study (FBIS) including 938 health professionals (doctors, nurses, NCD coordinators) from 194 primary and 18 secondary level health facilities was conducted to gather baseline data related to the capacity and attitudes of health facilities’ staff related to NCD prevention and counseling, communication, and capacities.
Methods: Structured questionnaires were developed including scales measuring attitudes towards NCD prevention and health promotion and applied for the health care staff of 194 primary and 18 secondary health facilities. For the analysis of the data univariate and multivariate statistical analyses were conducted.
Results: The majority of health professionals (79.3%) showed a high interest and motivation for their involvement and role in NCD prevention as well as high awareness for the importance for Mongolia, but also indicated a lack of structural and system-related preconditions (knowledge, skills, allocated time, equipment) in the facilities. Health professionals named the individuals as responsible for NCD prevention (93%), followed by health professionals and educational settings. Behavior change, health education and information for the population were described as the most appropriate strategies, even though the majority also named healthier conditions in the society. In terms of more collaboration with settings the highest importance was given to schools, followed by workplaces and communities.
Conclusions: Health professionals described high levels of awareness and motivation for NCD prevention and health promotion activities. Even though individually focused strategies were emphasized, a comprehensive approach to NCD prevention including healthy settings, healthy conditions in the society and the availability of structural resources for the facilities was considered.
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2012 European IUHPE Health Promotion Conference in Tallinn, Estonia
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