2012 European IUHPE Health Promotion Conference in Tallinn, Estonia

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TitleAddressing the social determinants of health in policies aimed at families with children
Keywordssocial gradient, policy, families with children
Governments address the issue of health inequalities differently. The policies and strategies chosen by politicians will have implications for the results achieved. Policies aimed at marginalised groups may improve the situation for these groups, but the gradient will not change. Policies aimed at the whole population will also be necessary in order to reduce the social gradient in health. The aim of this study was to investigate social gradients in health among families with children in three different countries; Slovenia, Sweden and UK.

The data is based on an analysis of policy documents and cross-national surveys. The document analysis was based on policy documents, like Government White Papers and action plans. The statistical analyses utilize data from the European Social Survey. For the analyses a sub sample of child families were selected from the countries Slovenia, Sweden and UK.

Slovenia and Sweden have developed universal, redistributive policies aimed at children and families. Both Slovenia and Sweden also have generous family policies in place. In terms of GDP Slovenia is the poorest country of the three. Still, there are smaller social differences in Slovenia than in England (UK). Furthermore, the child mortality rate is lower than in England (UK), and there are lower poverty rates. There are also smaller differences in social status concerning life satisfaction and lower levels of financial stress.

The study supports the findings that policies aimed at redistribution among social groups contributes to levelling the social gradient in health. Redistributive policies seem to have a stronger influence than the wealth of the country. Slovenia is the poorest among the countries, still there is a less steep gradient in health than in the UK. Also, the general social and health situation of families seems to be better than in the wealthier England.
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2012 European IUHPE Health Promotion Conference in Tallinn, Estonia
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